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Manufacturers and Exporters of High Quality Brazing and Welding Alloys that include
Silver Brazing Alloys (Cadmium Bearing, Cadmium Free and for Tungsten Carbide Tipped Tools), Copper Based Brazing Alloys (Brass, Silicon Bronzes and Nickel Bronzes), Silver Copper Phosphorus Brazing Alloys, Aluminium Filler Wires and their Fluxes.
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Description Packing Length(mm) Size(mm) Weight
Wire (TIG) Plastic Box 1000, 500 5.00, 4.00, 3.15, 2.50, 2.00, 1.60 1Kg,5Kg,10Kg
Wire (MIG) Spools - 1.60, 1.20, 1.00, 0.80 Approx.1Kg
Foils/ Shims Plastic Box - width / thickness as per requirements 1Kg
Rings Plastic Box - inner / outer diameter as per requirements 1Kg
Fluxes Plastic Box - - 100Gms,500Gms

        Apart from the above mentioned sizes, we also design products as per clients' requirements. 

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